The Grading System od the KPH Edith Stein

Studies at KPH Edith Stein are measured in credit units corresponding to the European Credit Transfer System.

The studies are constructed and planned according to the Bologna model. All courses are measured in credit points (ECTS).

Credits are a value allocated to the course units and they describe the workload required to complete a course/module. One credit is equivalent to one ECTS credit. A full-time study load for a semester is 30 credits and for one academic year accordingly 60 credits which equals 1600 hours of work.

Assessment of courses usually includes lectures, course participation, essay writing and/ or written examination. The examination is normally based on lecture notes but will also include the knowledge acquired through independent literature study indicated on the reading list of every course. Some courses are taught over the whole semester for two hours per week, others are concentrated on a shorter period of time.

The grading system of KPH Edith Stein corresponds to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

  • A/B (1) SEHR GUT/VERY GOOD: Outstanding performance with only minor errors.
  • C (2) GUT/GOOD: Above the average standard with some errors.
  • D (3) BEFRIEDIGEND/SATISFACTORY: Generally sound work with some notable errors.
  • E (4) GENÜGEND/SUFFICIENT: Fair but with significant shortcomings.
  • F (5) NICHT GENÜGEND/NON SUFFICIENT or FAIL: Performance does not meet minimum criteria.
  • NB: Some courses are graded on a PASS/ FAIL basis.

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