Studying in Stams was surely a unique experience

Neben der Möglichkeit für Studierende der KPH Edith Stein ein Semester im Ausland zu studieren, nimmt die KPH auch Erasmusstudierende von Ihren Partnerhochschulen im Ausland auf. Aurora aus Italien verbrachte das Wintersemester 2022 / 2023 an der KPH Edith Stein am Studienstandort Stams und berichtet von Ihren Erfahrungen und Erlebnissen. 


I loved every second of my staying because I was immersed in nature and silence, which helped me understand my deepest thoughts.

The monastery is an enormous structure rich in history and culture. At the beginning I was not really convinced about staying there but, with time passing by, I can recommend this 100% to everyone.
Every person I met in the monastery was kind to me and made me feel at home by cooking me some meals, washing my clothes and cleaning up my room, I could not ask for a better service.

The food they cook is amazing!!!! Typical dishes and lots of love from the chefs, who were truly lovely to me that we cried together when I left.

From my bedroom’s window I could see the mountains and the beautiful cloister; the most relaxing and special view I have ever seen, I had a lot of moments where I was admiring outside the window and thinking about how lucky I have been to be there.

Even the university, The KPH, was interesting for me because the classes were completely different from mine in Italy but that is the best part of being abroad. I also met a lot of Austrians students who helped me with the language and with the activities we were about to do.

Stams is a small reality but the transports’ service in Austria in PERFECT!! There is the train station 10 min far from the monastery so it was easy if I wanted to go to Innsbruck.  (The distance from Stams and Innsbruck is 25 minutes or 35, depending on the train)

I spent a lot of time in Innsbruck, the city where I met all my Erasmus friends and city of beauty and opportunities.

I had a lot of fun and visited wonderful places….and do I have to talk about the Christmas time??? It was magical, I felt like in a fairy-tale! The Christmas stands, the Glühwein, the food. Everything was special.

I would do it again and again! Thanks everybody for making me happy 5 months straight, I would never forget this experience, it will always be engraved in my heart and soul.



Informationen zum Erasmusprogramm und zu den Partnerhochschulen der KPH Edith Stein können hier eingesehen werden.