The wellbeing of students and teachers in South Africa

    11.06.2018 von KPH, Institut für Lehrer/innenbildung

    We are pleased that we could welcome Prof. Dr. Irma Eloff at the KPH Edith Stein in Stams.

    Irma Eloff is the founder of the African Deans of Education Forum and a member of the UNESCO International Teacher Task Force. She was the seventh dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria and the first woman to hold this position. In 2012 she was chosen amongst the top three Most Influential Women in Business and Government in South Africa – in the Education category. Currently she is the Deputy-chair of the Council of the South African Academy of Arts & Sciences. She has been a visiting professor at many universities all over the world (e.g. Yale University).

    In her presentation Mrs. Eloff demonstrated that the wellbeing of students and teachers worldwide is increasingly being recognised as a critical factor for the attainment of educational outcomes. The state of the wellbeing of South African children as well as emerging research on teacher wellbeing in the global context was shared and highlighted. Moreover, Mrs. Eloff emphasized the importance of strategies and learning environments that foster wellbeing at the individual and systemic levels.

    Thanks to Mrs. Eloff for her coming and this extraordinary lecture.